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Say hello to our Vitamin C Serum, your secret weapon for vibrant, glowing skin! Bursting with the power of Vitamin C, this serum is like sunshine in a bottle for your face. Vitamin C is like a superhero antioxidant, fighting off all the bad stuff that can make your skin look dull and tired. It’s like hitting the reset button, brightening up your complexion and fading away pesky dark spots. With our Vitamin C Serum, your skin will feel refreshed, rejuvenated, and ready to take on the day. Get ready to shine with our Vitamin C Serum, because glowing skin is always in!

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12 reviews for Vitamin C Serum

  1. Baashir (verified owner)

    Only a few drops of Vitamin C serum is required to up your skin care routine. Beauty experts suggest this as an added perk to all skin care as it is essential for healthy, glowing skin. This particular serum is appropriately thick, not too watery and not gloppy. The dropper is of good quality and it is easy to get just the few drops necessary to coat skin in healthy vitamin C.

  2. Badrah (verified owner)

    This product is not what I wanted it, but it does help on my face because it have vitamin C in it

  3. Anadia (verified owner)

    I’ve bought the vit c face serum before of other companies and it is always so expensive. But I like how light and airy, not heavy it makes my skin feel though. This one is similar, I don’t expect greatness for that price but it is a nice alternative. I will likely try to keep a stock of it on hand especially if the price stays this low.

  4. Ansharah (verified owner)

    It easily mixes with other moisturizer. No irritation so far. I feel my skin is getting brighter now.

  5. Badawi (verified owner)

    Serum feels good and absorbs quickly. No irritation. Too soon to know if I’ll experience any brightening effects.

  6. Baarizah (verified owner)

    It’s a good alternative to the expensive name brands out there. Will buy again.

  7. Ali (verified owner)

    Great product

  8. Alaya (verified owner)

    Goes on well leaves skin feeling bright

  9. Aleena (verified owner)

    Goes on well leaves skin feeling bright

  10. Alaya (verified owner)

    Basic vitamin c, perfect for making skin appear brighter. Love to use in the am as part of my routine for the day, follow up with SPF because vitamin c will make you more prone to sun damage!

  11. Muhammad Waqas

    Good quality. Love it.

  12. Shafqat

    Good quality. Very very effective product its really work I rate this product 10 by 10

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